Research Meetings

Professor Carter has research meetings on Tuesdays from noon-1:00 pm in LPSC 239. Every other week, a student will present their current results from their individual research projects, typically lasting 30 minutes. For a new researcher's first presentation, please provide a short (<1 page) abstract that helps the audience to become familiar with the overall goals of the project (i.e. key steps, biological activity, etc.). This portion does not need to be discussed by the student during their time, but it should be distributed prior to the meeting. Finally, these presentations are intended to not be "high tech" and should be done as "chalk talks, without overheads or PowerPoint.

Methodology Discussion

Every other week, one student will lead a discussion on a recent publication with a methodology focus, typically lasting 30 minutes. He or she will explain the focus on the research, walk everyone through their aims, and results of the work (screening of substrates, mechanisms, kinetic studies, etc.). Additionally the student will include several "background" publications on previous research in the area, to act as an illustration of how this new publication breaks new ground and advances our knowledge of chemistry, which are briefly explained as well. This then concluded with an open discussion of the results, as well as the broader impact of the research on the chemistry community.

Date Presentors
April 4th (week 1) -no meeting-
April 11th (week 2) Total Synthesis Classics
April 18th (week 3) Jinming*, Ankan^
April 25th (week 4) Xin*, Jinming^
May 2nd (week 5) Total Synthesis Classics
May 9th (week 6) Subir*, Xin^
May 16th (week 7) Ankan*, Subir^
May 23rd (week 8) Total Synthesis Classics
May 30th (week 9) Jinming*, Alena^
June 6th (week 10) Xin*, Ankan^
June 13th (finals week) Comparative Synthesis Analysis

*denotes research presentation

^denotes methology discussion

Abstract Presentation

Every other week on Wednesdays at 8:00pm in LPSC 239, a student will present an abstract on a recently published total synthesis focused paper for 1 hour. Each presenter will first briefly go through the abstract. He or she will then be expected to answer questions concerning the presented work which will include, but is not limited to: mechanisms of reactions discussed (including stereochemical outcome), methods for making any starting material that is not commercially available and overall strategy decisions as it relates to the reported work as well as to other synthetic work in the area.

We have recently created a helpful "Need to know" sheet for presenting at lit meeting. Please check out this PDF file. The template for preparing your abstract can be downloaded as a CDX file.

Problem Question

Every other week on Wednesdays at 7:30/8pm in LPSC239, a student will create a cume-like problem for everyone to work on during the first 30 minutes of the meeting. Students are to look to recent, or old literature to create one. The goal is to practice for cumulative exams for those who have yet to complete them, as well as keep everyone practiced and fresh on problem solving. These problems are meant to be challenging, but possible to solve in under 20 minutes. The problem creator should be prepared to help those along who are stuck, as well as provide an explanation on the answer following completion.

Date Presentors
April 5th (week 1) -no meeting-

April 12th (week 2)

Cem+, Jinming'
April 19th (week 3) -no meeting-
April 26th (week 4) Subir+, Cem'
May 3rd (week 5) -no meeting-
May 10th (week 6) Ankan+, Subir'
May 17th (week 7) -no meeting-
May 24th (week 8) Xin+, Ankan'
May 31st (week 9) -no meeting-
June 7th (week 10) Jinming+, Xin'
June 14th (finals week)

-no meeting-

+denotes abstract presentation

' denotes problem question

Lab Jobs

Each individual in the group is responsible for one or more maintenance duties in lab and are listed below. This is subject to change as people join/leave/graduate from the group.

Lab Job Person
Boxes / Cardboard Waste Alena
Chemical Ordering Pieter
Glove Box Subir
HPLC Mahsa
Microwave / HCube / Parshaker Pieter
Solvent Ordering Ankan
SPS Jinming & Subir
Supply Ordering / Supplies Xin
Vacuum Pumps Arash
Waste Arash
Website Maintience / Scheduling Pieter


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