Note: Professor Carter is currently not accepting new researchers (undergradaute, graduate or postdoctoral).

Former Graduate Student Group Members Role Degree Current Position

Brad Ashburn

Ph.D. Student 2003-2008 

Ph.D. Chemistry Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Hawaii - Leeward Community College
Somdev Banerjee


Grad Student 2011 

Ph.D. Chemistry (Paul Blakemore, Advisor) Lecturer - Illinios Institute of Technology, LinkedIn Page
T. Campbell Bourland

Masters Student 1999-2002 

M.S. Chemistry 

Dentist, Dallas, TX
Erik Carlson

M.S. Student 2006-2009 

M.S. Chemistry 

WR Grace, Albany, OR, LinkedIn Page
Nathan Collett

Ph.D. Student 2007-2013 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

AMPAC Fine Chemicals, Rancho Cordova, CA, LinkedIn Page

Celia (Frieler) Homyak

Grad Student 2011-2012 


Scientist at Ripple Foods, San Francisco, CA, LinkedIn Page

Ankan Ghosh, PhD Ph.D. Student 2012-2019 Ph.D. Chemistry  AbbVie, Worcester, MA, LinkedIn Page 
Subir Goswami, PhD Ph.D. Student 2012-2018 Ph.D. Chemistry R&D Scientist II, Valliscor, Corvallis, OR, LinkedIn Page

Melissa Gronenmeyer

Graduate Student 2001-2002 


Patient Service Supervisor at United Family Healthcare, Shanghai City, China, LinkedIn Page

Tuğba Güngör

YÖK Scholar 2015 


Grad Student, ÇOMÜ, Mehmet Ay, LinkedIn Page

Nick Kessinger

Graduate Student 2002-2005 


Mahsa Khoshbakht Graduate Student 2016-2018    Grad Student, Sandra Loesgen's Lab, Chemistry Department, Oregon State University, LinkedIn Page

Damien Kuiper

Ph.D. Student 2004-2010 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Senior Research Chemist at Exemplify Biopharma, Inc., Atlanta, GA, LinkedIn Page

Jinming Li Ph.D. Student 2013-2018 Ph.D. Chemistry Postdoctoral Scholar, Professor Craig Lindsey Supervisor, Vanderbilt University, LinkedIn Page
Xin Li Ph.D. Student 2013-2018 Ph.D. Chemistry Postdoctoral Scholar, Professor Seth Herzon Supervisor, Yale University, LinkedIn Page
Ryan Link-Cole

Masters Student 2004-2006 

M.S. Chemistry 

High School Teacher, West Salem High School
Liang Lu

Ph.D. Student 2004-2009 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Principal Investigator, Incyte Pharmaceuticals, LinkedIn Page

Subham Mahapatra

Ph.D. Student 2007-2013 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Senior Scientist - Medinical Chemistry, Pfizer, New Haven, CT, LinkedIn Page

Melissa McIntosh

M.S. Student 2010-2014 

M.S. Chemistry 

Aviation Operations Specialist at Army National Guard, LinkedIn Page

Michael Naffziger

M.S. Student 2004-2010 

M.S. Chemistry 

Cellar Hand / Lab Tech at Jackson Family Wines, LinkedIn Page

Mohamad Nazari

Grad Student 2010-2011 



Johanna (Perkins) Schwartz

Ph.D. Student 2004-2009 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Patent Attorney, Karquist LLP, Portland, OR

Lauren Rathbone

Ph.D. Student 2004-2006 


High School Chemistry Teacher

Mrinmoy Saha

Ph.D. Student 2008-2014 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Senior Scientist, Abzena, LinkedIn Page

Arash Samadi Grad Student, 2016-2018   Grad Student, Taifo Mahmud's Lab, Pharmacy, Oregon State University, LinkedIn Page
Dong Su

M.S. Student 2009-2012 

M.S. Chemistry 

LinkedIn Page
Nagarathanam Veerasamy

Ph.D. Student 2009-2015 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Drug Discovery Scientist I, Medicinal Chemistry, Vanderbilt Unviersity, LinkedIn Page
Pieter Waldemmaier

Ph.D. Student 2011-2017

Ph.D. Chemistry

Product Line Researcher at TCI (Tokyo Chemical Industry), Portland, OR, LinkedIn Page

Jun Xie

Ph.D. Student 2005-2007 

  Staff Scientist, City of Hope Medical Center

Hayoi Yao

Graduate Student 2013-2014 


Chemist, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway

Wei Zhang

Ph.D. Student 2000-2006 

Ph.D. Chemistry 

Staff Analytical Scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., LinkedIn Page


Former Postdoctoral Associates and Sabbatical Faculty Position(s) Held & Time Current Position (When Available)
Andrew "Drew" Duncan, Ph.D.

Sabatical Faculty, NSF Research Opportunity Award - 2008 

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Willamette University
Mohamed F. El-Mansy, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2016 

Department of Organometallic and Organometalloid Chemistry, National Research CenterCairo, Egypt, LinkedIn Page

Dan Furkert, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate 2003-2004 

Senior Research Fellow, The University of Auckland, LinkedIn Page

Kenichi Harada, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow 2011-2012 

Lecturer, Tokushima Bunri University, LinkedIn Page
Lee Jones

Murdock Charitable Trust Summer Researcher 2012-2013 

Science/STEM teacher and VEX Robotics Competition mentor. PhD Student in STEM Curriculum and Instruction, Korea, LinkedIn Page

Jun Yong Kang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar 2011-2013 

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, UNLV
Rajinikanth Lingampally, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2014, Research Associate 2014-2016 

Director of Operations, Valliscor, LinkedIn Page
Seunguk Paik, Ph.D.

Sabatical Faculty 2010 

Professor, Department of Chemical System Engineering, Keimyung University

Kazuhiro Wantanbe, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2014 

Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University - Associate Professor, LinkedIn Page

Charles Wells, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar Cascade Custom Chemistry, Eugene, OR, LinkedIn Page
Hua Yang, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Research Associate 2006-2009, Research Associate 2009-2010 

Professor & Chair, Department of Chemical System Engineering, Keimyung University, LinkedIn Page

Xiao-Ti Zhou, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate 2002-2004, Research Associate 2004-2006 

FibroGen, South San Francisco, CA.


Former High School and Undergrad Researchers Position(s) Held & Time Current Position (When Available)
Bryan Armstrong Undergraduate Student 2012-2013  LinkedIn Page
Elizabeth "Betsy" Camp Undergraduate Student 2002-2004  
Caleb Clark Undergraduate Student 1999-2000

RD&E Director of Asset Integrity & H2S Solutions at Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company, LinkedIn Page

Evan Haning Undergraduate Student 2017-2018  
Mike Hesselbacher Postbaccalaureate Student Researcher 2008   
Young Tae Kim  Undergraduate Student 2012-2013  Pharm. D. Program, Oregon State University

Alexa Kuo

Undergraduate Summer Researcher 2015 

Education Project Assistant at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon, LinkedIn Page

Jesse LakeYoungberg

High School Summer Researcher 2012

Undergraduate Student, Colorado School of Mines

Reed Lowery High School Summer Researcher 2015 & 2016   
Jason Lusk

B.S. Student 2008-2010 

Chemist, Marker Gene Technologies, Eugene, OR, LinkedIn Page

Maxime Nutte

Undergraduate Summer Researcher 2016 

LinkedIn Page
Derek Rau

Undergraduate Student 2011-2012 

Senior Associate, Manufacturing Technology at Sarepta Therapeutics, LinkedIn Page

Maxwell Richards Undergraduate Student 2017-2019  

Furqaan Siddiqui

High School Summer Researcher 2013 

Alena Vasquez Undergraduate Student 2016-2018  Scripps Research Institute, Gradaute Student, San Diego, CA, LinkedIn Page

David Weldon

Undergraduate Student 2000-2002 

Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy, William Carey Unviersity, LinkedIn Page